Archive UK: Coffee Factory Fire in Dartford, Kent

  • Captured on Thursday 11th of October 2018
  • Location is Kent


10 fire engines are at the scene of a coffee factory blaze in the Riverside Industrial Estate in Dartford, Kent, UK early in the morning on Oct 11.

A height vehicle is also at the scene and firefighters are using main jets to tackle the blaze.

Flames were shooting several meters into the air at the height of the blaze, and people living nearby said they heard things exploding in or around the building.

There are no injuries reported.


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1. 45 sec video *Please credit "@dazzler_1972".
This video was shot in Dartford around 6.00am, BST on Oct 11. It shows massive fire at the coffee factory in Dartford.

2. 24 sec video *Please credit "Charlotte Farrugia".
This video was shot early in the morning Oct 11 at around 6.25am, BST. the location is Riverside Industrial Estate just off Central Road in Dartford.