US: Massive Camp Fire Burning 5000 Acres in CA

  • Captured on Thursday 8th of November 2018
  • Location is California


Residents in the Paradise area along the Feather River Canyon are being evacuated because of the Camp Fire burning in the canyon.

Highway 70 has been shut down at Pentz Road and Highway 70. Paradise residents getting evacuation orders to leave on the canyon side of Pentz Road.

The Camp Fire is now at 1000 acres. Dozens of resources being called in from throughout the State.


RESTRICTIONS AND USAGE TERMS: Please credit “@Kris33103343”.
14 sec video (looped x2, no audio, time lapse)

This video is taken in North Deer Creek Hwy 32 in CA on Nov. 8th. The video shows the massive and thick smoke resulting from the Camp Fire spreading throughout the sky.

Editor's Note

time lapse