Spain: Whale Art Work for Climate Change Awareness in Madrid

  • Captured on Friday 14th of September 2018
  • Location is Madrid


This morning a whale has appeared to be washed up on the shore of Manzanares River. Apparently, last night, around 3 o'clock in the morning, a whale-shaped element was installed next to the bridge in Segovia, in the area of Madrid Río. The pond is cordoned off and more and more curious people are approaching and bordering this specimen.

Councilwoman Rita Maestre explained that this is an artistic intervention by Distrito Distrito that has been narrated by the local radio station M21 Madrid to "enjoy the surprise and raise awareness about the fragility of the oceans.” This hyperrealistic sculpture of a sperm whale more than 15 meters and 1,000 kilos in weight.

It is a campaign of an artistic collective that brings the representation of the cetacean to certain cities to raise awareness about climate change.


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7 sec video (looped x3)

This video is shot in Madrid, Spain, on Sep. 14th. The video shows that two men with operating coat are investigating a washed up whale. This entire scene is a set up installation to raise awareness of climate change.