Russia: Cat Rules Out Sharing Couch With Dog

  • Captured on Saturday 14th of November 2020
  • Location is Novozybkov

Filya the cat met her frienemy Willy, a German Spitz, and decided that the sofa was non-shareable. Read more...

India: Smart Dog Can Balance Just About Anything On Her Head

  • Captured on Saturday 21st of November 2020
  • Location is Surat Gujarat

Teddy, a golden retriever from India, shows off her amazing skills by balancing a wide array of objects on her head, fro Read more...

Less People, More Freedom – Emus Take A Stroll On A South Australia Walking Trail To Take Advantage Of Lockdown

  • Captured on Friday 20th of November 2020
  • Location is South Australia

An emu family decided to take advantage of the lockdown imposed in South Australia and took a stroll on a walking trail. Read more...

Enchanting Rosella Fledglings Sing In Unison

  • Captured on Monday 16th of November 2020
  • Location is Canberra

Watch how these enchanting and adorable Rosella fledglings from Spence, Canberra, sing in unison. Read more...

NZ: Father And Daughter Had Front-Row Seat When Orca Pod Suddenly Appeared Close To A Wellington Beach

  • Captured on Wednesday 11th of November 2020
  • Location is Wellington

A father and his daughter who were driving along the coast were awed by the surprise appearance of a pod of Orcas, or ki Read more...

Germany: Dog Practices Footwork In Confrontation With Donkey

  • Captured on Sunday 15th of November 2020
  • Location is Bavaria

A golden retriever tensed up when he met a donkey. The latter did not seem impressed by his amazing footwork. Read more...

US: Adorable Pups Fall Asleep In Food Bowl

  • Captured on Monday 19th of October 2020
  • Location is Texas

Several Welsh Corgis puppies fell asleep in and around their food bowl, as if using it as their comfy pillow. You can be Read more...

Epic Battle Between Dachshund And The Hair Dryer

  • Captured on Thursday 5th of November 2020
  • Location is Florida

Watch how this inquisitive dachshund tries to battle the hairdryer and failed in an epic manner. Running away was the on Read more...

Adorable Ferret Enjoys A Delicious Plate Of Pancakes

  • Captured on Thursday 2nd of April 2020
  • Location is Moscow

An adorable ferret from Moscow, Russia, seems to be enjoying a delicious plate of pancakes despite being sleepy. Read more...

Adorable Baby And Dog Are Best Friends Forever

  • Captured on Thursday 17th of September 2020
  • Location is Massachusetts

This adorable baby and dog duo from Boston, Massachusetts, will definitely melt your heart. Who would not want a best fr Read more...

Brazil: You Can Never Have Too Many Pomeranians

  • Captured on Wednesday 9th of September 2020
  • Location is São Paulo

Welcome to the Pom Pom Paradise! This video tells you why one can never have too many fluffy Pomeranians. Read more...

US: Dog In Denver Broncos Jersey Excited For AFC West Final

  • Captured on Sunday 25th of October 2020
  • Location is Colorado

A dog wearing a Denver Broncos jersey was seen rolling in the snow in front of Empower Field at Mile High right before t Read more...

Newborn Chimpanzee Gets Hiccups

  • Captured on Tuesday 27th of October 2020
  • Location is Maryland

A newborn Chimpanzee from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore getting hiccups is one of the cutest moments. Turn up the volume Read more...

Germany: Adorable Alpaca Cleans Its Teeth By Munching On Brush

  • Captured on Saturday 17th of October 2020
  • Location is North Rhine-Westphalia

Is this adorable white Alpaca practicing good hygiene by brushing its teeth, or did it mistaken the brush for food? Read more...

Taiwan: Sneaky Hamster Tiptoes To Steal Walnut

  • Captured on Tuesday 20th of October 2020
  • Location is New Taipei City

Snow Baby is a sneaky hamster from Taiwan that loves to tiptoe around its home and look for food. Check out how it tread Read more...

US: Herd Of Elk Crosses Highway Seemingly Trying To Escape The East Troublesome Fire In Colorado

  • Captured on Thursday 22nd of October 2020
  • Location is Colorado

A herd of elk was seen crossing Highway 34 near Estes Park on Thursday afternoon, October 22, seemingly trying to escape Read more...

Adorable Puppy Chilling Comfortably In Luxembourg

  • Captured on Wednesday 7th of October 2020

An adorable English Cocker Spaniel from beautiful Luxembourg was found chilling comfortably with his mum. Read more...

Norway: Animal Fail – Dog Tries To Hide Treat In Vain

  • Captured on Saturday 10th of October 2020
  • Location is Slemmestad

Thilde, a Lhasa Apso from Norway, does not realize that her cushion may not be the best place to hide her favorite treat Read more...

Netherlands: Adorable Parakeet Promotes Self-Love

  • Captured on Friday 9th of October 2020
  • Location is Almelo

Everyone has a unique way of practising self-love. Some may start each day by telling themselves something positive. Som Read more...

New Zealand: Fluffy Sheep Enjoys Feasting On An Orange

  • Captured on Tuesday 29th of September 2020
  • Location is Waikato

Steve, an adorably fluffy sheep from New Zealand, leads a healthy lifestyle and enjoys munching on an orange. Read more...

US: Dog Deliberately Drops His Toy In The Lawn Mower’s Path To Get Attention

  • Captured on Sunday 27th of September 2020
  • Location is Texas

Apollo, an adorable Labrador from Texas, tries to seek attention from his owner by dropping his toy in the path of the l Read more...

US: Pug Confused By “Pretend To Pet Your Dog” Challenge

  • Captured on Sunday 4th of October 2020
  • Location is California

The TikTok challenge that asks one to pretend to pet their pet but then stop and see what happens has led to many confus Read more...

US: Mischievous Cat Gets In The Way Of Vacuum Robot

  • Captured on Tuesday 11th of August 2020
  • Location is Texas

A mischievous cat from Texas always try to get in the way of the vacuum robot while it makes its way around the house. P Read more...

UK: Intelligent Sheep Learns To Ask For Treats Politely

  • Captured on Sunday 4th of October 2020
  • Location is Scotland

Shaun, a brilliant pet sheep in the Highlands of North East Scotland, learns to request for treats politely while it rec Read more...

Canada: Adorable Hamster Munches On Her Favorite Snack

  • Captured on Thursday 1st of October 2020
  • Location is British Columbia

Watch how Rosie the foodie hamster from British Columbia, Canada, munches adorably on her favorite snack while nesting w Read more...

US: Adorable Corgi Attempts To Attack Ferociously

  • Captured on Tuesday 29th of September 2020
  • Location is Oregon

An adorable corgi from Portland, Oregon, attempted to fight off his owner with some not-so-ferocious moves. He seems to Read more...

China: Cat Tries FaceTime For The First Time

  • Captured on Sunday 20th of September 2020
  • Location is Shanghai

When your grandparents FaceTime you for the first time, it often goes a bit like this. Read more...

Japan: Adorable Dog Enjoying A Nice Spa Session

  • Captured on Monday 14th of September 2020
  • Location is Tokyo

Tarao, a 7-year-old Chihuahua from Tokyo, Japan, enjoys being pampered by its owner. Who would not like a nice spa and b Read more...