France: Violence Erupts at May Day Rally in Paris

  • Captured on Wednesday 1st of May 2019
  • Location is Paris

The police in France fired tear gas after violence broke out at a May Day rally in Paris on Wednesday when masked and ho Read more...

France: Yellow Vest Protestors with Police Clash in Strasbourg

  • Captured on Saturday 27th of April 2019
  • Location is Strasbourg

French police fired tear gas to push back protesters who tried to march towards the European Parliament building in Stra Read more...

France: ‘Yellow Vest’ Protestors Shoot Fireworks at Police in Metz

  • Captured on Saturday 9th of February 2019
  • Location is Metz

Yellow Vest protesters shot fireworks at police amid demonstrations in Metz, France, on Saturday, February 9. The cl Read more...

France: Yellow Vests Call for New Year Protest

  • Captured on Tuesday 1st of January 2019
  • Location is Paris

France deployed more than 147,000 security forces nationwide to gird for New Year's Eve unrest as Yellow Vest prote Read more...

France: Fuel Protest, One Dead in Yellow Vest Blockades

  • Captured on Saturday 17th of November 2018
  • Location is Paris

Thousands of drivers blocked roads across France on Saturday in a "yellow vest" movement against high fuel pri Read more...