Barajas airport

Spain: Trump COVID-19 Travel Ban Causes Panic In Airport

  • Captured on Thursday 12th of March 2020
  • Location is Madrid

U.S. President Donald Trump announced sweeping travel restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus on Wednesday. Af Read more...

Spain: Air Canada Makes Emergency Landing Due To Engine Issues In Madrid

  • Captured on Monday 3rd of February 2020
  • Location is Madrid

An Air Canada plane that was circling Spain's capital after experiencing "engine issues" shortly after ta Read more...

US: Tropical Depression Imelda Shuts Down Houston Bush Airport 2

  • Captured on Thursday 19th of September 2019
  • Location is Texas

Several areas in southeastern Texas have received more than 3 feet of rain, forcing chaotic evacuations and leaving resi Read more...

Spain: Severe Thunderstorm with Hail Pummels Madrid

  • Captured on Wednesday 21st of August 2019
  • Location is Madrid

A strong storm is affecting the northeast of the capital of Spain on Wednesday, August 21 night, significantly interrupt Read more...