US Las Vegas: Illumination Inspired By Jack Yates High School As Tribute To George Floyd

  • Captured on Monday 8th of June 2020
  • Location is Las Vegas

A Jack Yates High School inspired color illumination was shown in Las Vegas City Hall. The representative color of ack Y Read more...

US: Fire Engulfs Children Clothing Store In Harlem, NYC 2

  • Captured on Sunday 17th of May 2020
  • Location is New York City

A fire erupted from a children's clothing store, Lazarus, in Harlem on Sunday night. The store is located on West 1 Read more...

Australia: Corellas Take Over Melbourne

  • Captured on Monday 6th of April 2020
  • Location is Melbourne

A huge number of corella birds, or native white cockatoos, were spotted in Melbourne, Australia. They were in the trees Read more...

US: Landspout In Laton, California Charms Onlookers

  • Captured on Monday 6th of April 2020
  • Location is California

A landspout in Laton, California charmed onlookers on Monday, April 6. The twister was seen for several minutes again Read more...

Cambodia: Valentine’s Day Surprise For Elephants

  • Captured on Friday 14th of February 2020
  • Location is Siem Reap

Many find it difficult to surprise their significant other, but if yours happens to be an elephant, here is a great gift Read more...

US: ‘DinerEnBlanc’ Event in NYC Evacuated Due to Heavy Downpour

  • Captured on Wednesday 17th of July 2019
  • Location is New York City

New York’s annual white party Diner en Blanc came to a dramatic end on Wednesday night as guests were drenched in torr Read more...

Japan: Cat Falls in Love with Vacuum Cleaner

  • Captured on Friday 28th of June 2019
  • Location is Nagoya

Love knows no boundaries. Chikuwa, a kitten from Japan, has recently fallen in love with a vacuum cleaner. According to Read more...

US: Hamilton the Pig Becoming Hurricanes Good Luck Charm

  • Captured on Thursday 2nd of May 2019
  • Location is North Carolina

It all started before Game 3 of the first-round Stanley Cup Playoffs matchup between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Was Read more...

Japan: Extraordinary Solar Halo Charms Residents

  • Captured on Sunday 28th of April 2019
  • Location is Ishikawa Prefecture

Residents of Japan experienced the striking sight of an extraordinary solar halo on Sunday morning. A sun halo is cau Read more...