Russia: Let Hosico Shows You How To Paint A Cat in Moscow

  • Captured on Sunday 21st of October 2018
  • Location is Moscow

An animal painter is an artist who specialises in (or is known for their skill in) the portrayal of animals. The OED Read more...

Japan: Dachshund’s Eyelashes on Fleek

  • Captured on Saturday 9th of February 2019

Dogs can wear fake eyelashes, too! Kokoro, a 12-year old male dachshund from Japan, seemed ready to pose for shots af Read more...

Japan: Japanese Boars Spotted in Kumamoto Prefecture

  • Captured on Wednesday 6th of March 2019
  • Location is Kumamoto Prefecture

Two wild boars were spotted in Kamiamakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, on March 6th. The Japanese boar, also Read more...

Japan: When Cats See Something We Don’t, Creepiness Ensues

  • Captured on Thursday 28th of February 2019
  • Location is Osaka

If one is familiar with cats at all, it's probably crossed their mind that cats may have a particular ability to, w Read more...

Japan: Cute Bunny is a Great Escape Artist

  • Captured on Sunday 3rd of March 2019

Don't be deceived by fluffy bunnies. They can be great escape artists! One pet owner in Japan hilariously learne Read more...

US: Dog Adorably Demonstrates How Cold it is in Manhattan

  • Captured on Saturday 2nd of March 2019
  • Location is New York City

It is never too cold in Manhattan until the doggies declare so. Manhattan dog named Bebe perfectly demonstrates how M Read more...

US: Random Cat ‘Terrorizes’ Passengers on a NY Subway Train

  • Captured on Monday 18th of February 2019
  • Location is New York City

Step aside, doggies. Cats are here to rule the world with terror! Passengers on a New York subway were 'terroriz Read more...

Only in Japan: Electronic Shave Ice Dessert

  • Captured on Tuesday 25th of July 2017

Leave it to the Japanese to make your everyday things into high-tech works of art. As if savoring a sweet, refreshing Read more...

Japan: Hamster Challenges on Climbing But Fails

  • Captured on Thursday 7th of February 2019

So Remon, a 1 year and 4 month female hamster, is taking on a challenge to climb up a great wall in front of her. It’s Read more...

US: Adorable Dog Sleeps Comfortably on its back

  • Captured on Sunday 16th of September 2018
  • Location is Atlanta

We all have that moment on a Sunday afternoon when it is too comfortable and all you want is just to laze around in bed. Read more...

Japan: Snow Resort Mascot At Your Service

  • Captured on Tuesday 29th of January 2019
  • Location is Nagano

The Japanese culture of "omotenashi" or "heart of service" is practiced not only by the Japanese but Read more...

Japan: Cute Post Box Converts Handwritten Letters Electronically

  • Captured on Monday 28th of January 2019

A cute invention by a Japanese man converts handwritten letters and drawing into electronic form which can then be sent Read more...

Japan: Calculators Is The Latest Instrument to Make Electronic Music

  • Captured on Monday 14th of January 2019

There are plenty of unconventional methods to make music, like Shawn Wasabi’s MIDI controller, or the cute, squawking Read more...

Japan: Adorable Hand Stack Battle with Kitty Cat

  • Captured on Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Spoiler Alert: Cuteness Overload What else is cuter than a cat playing the classic game of hand stacking with a human Read more...

Japan: Adorable Baby Elephant Sucks Its Trunk After Getting Scolded

  • Captured on Sunday 20th of January 2019
  • Location is Chiba

A video of an adorable baby elephant was recorded at the Ichihara Elephant Kingdom on Sunday, January 20. Watch how t Read more...

Norway: Falling Snow Captivates Cat in Trondheim

  • Captured on Thursday 17th of January 2019
  • Location is Trondheim

Seeing snow be like. This video features a cat in Trondheim, Norway, being captivated by the falling snow on January Read more...

Japan: Humongous Baby Penguin

  • Captured on Tuesday 1st of January 2019
  • Location is Miyagi

A humongous baby penguin is gaining notorious popularity due to its, well, size! The fluffy brown baby penguin can be Read more...

Japan: Shiba-Inu Scared of Vaccination Shots

  • Captured on Saturday 19th of January 2019
  • Location is Hokkaido

Who said humans are the only ones afraid of vaccination shots? A 7 year-old female Shiba-inu named Koh from Hokkaido Read more...

Sweden: ‘Don’t Leave Me Out in the Snow, Human’, Said Kitty

  • Captured on Thursday 17th of January 2019
  • Location is Östersund

"Why did you leave me out in the snow, human?" You can almost hear that from a Bengal cat named Shine from Read more...

Japan: Cat Dominates Dog Over Game of Fetch

  • Captured on Monday 7th of January 2019
  • Location is Hyogo

The world of pets and the game of fetch just turned upside down. A hilarious, viral video a cat playing fetch with ow Read more...

Sudan: Anti-Government Demonstration Continues 4 Weeks

  • Captured on Wednesday 9th of January 2019
  • Location is Khartoum

Three protesters died after police broke up an anti-government demonstration in Sudan, police said Thursday, as thousand Read more...

Japan: Dog Licking Master’s Head Annoyed By Master’s Hand

  • Captured on Tuesday 8th of January 2019

Mosh, a male Golden Retriever from Japan, is seemingly annoyed by his master's hand. As Mosh was licking his tas Read more...

Italy: Greedy Baby Wants to Eat and Sleep at The Same Time

  • Captured on Friday 7th of December 2018

You think falling asleep while eating is something just on the TV? No, it does happen, especially with babies. Baby Read more...

UK: Daughter Imitates Dad Raising His Eyebrows, Hilariously Ends Up Winking

  • Captured on Saturday 8th of December 2018
  • Location is Bristol

Children always try to imitate their parents, whether it’s the way they talk or their actions. Soda, a 14 month ol Read more...

Japan: Red Panda Sleeps While Keeping Balance on Branch in Gunma Prefecture

  • Captured on Saturday 5th of January 2019
  • Location is Gunma Prefecture

The red panda is a mammal native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. It is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Read more...

UK: I Eat Like My Parents Never Feed Me

  • Captured on Thursday 7th of December 2017
  • Location is London

Everyone loves food, but certainly there are people who love it more than others. A baby with nick name, Cheese, lov Read more...

Japan: Doggie is the New Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Master

  • Captured on Sunday 6th of January 2019

Bow down to the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 master! Peh-chan, a Golden Retriever from Japan, is living in the year Read more...

US: Squirrel Enjoying The Spring Roll on A Tree in NYC

  • Captured on Wednesday 2nd of January 2019
  • Location is New York City

Squirrels have a natural appetite for many native fruits, flowers, veggies, fungi, nuts, tree, plants and insects to the Read more...

US: Dog Playing in Snow in Montana

  • Captured on Sunday 30th of December 2018
  • Location is Montana

Snow is falling hard in Montana on Dec 30th. Hannah, living in Big Sky, Montana shared a cute video. Her dog, named Read more...

Japan: Want to Make Everything your Dog do look Silly? Try Eyebrows!

  • Captured on Saturday 5th of May 2018

A cute video of a Golden Retriever with "eyebrows on fleek" surfaced on social media on May 7. The adorable Read more...

US: Working Out? Try it with this Adorable California Dog!

  • Captured on Monday 1st of October 2018
  • Location is California

Working out will never be the same again. Look at how this adorable dog have fun while working out with its owner. Te Read more...

Ireland: Fox Casually Strolls Along a Dublin Street

  • Captured on Sunday 23rd of December 2018
  • Location is Dublin

A gentleman had a rather cute encounter 2 days before Christmas in Dublin. As the man was walking on a street, he sud Read more...

Japan: Dog Pleads Not Guilty to Playing with Tissue Box

  • Captured on Wednesday 17th of October 2018
  • Location is Chiba

A hilarious and adorable video surfaced in the Japanese social media of a dog pretending to be innocent from playing wit Read more...

Japan: Dog Desperately Tries to Grab Ball from TV

  • Captured on Thursday 4th of October 2018
  • Location is Niigata

A video of a kawaii (cute in Japanese) Golden Retriever pup trying to grab a ball from a TV went viral on social media i Read more...

US: Amazing Slam Dunk Assist By Brilliant Dog

  • Captured on Tuesday 9th of October 2018
  • Location is New York

An amazing video surfaced on social media showing a brilliant dog's dunk assist skills. KOA, a German Shepherd, Read more...

Denmark: Sleepy Baby on Top of Fluffy Dog

  • Captured on Tuesday 17th of April 2018

Just when you thought a good, warm blanket or carpet is best to sleep on, you haven't seen anything yet. A cute Read more...

Japan: Celebrity Hedgehogs Dressed as Baby Sharks

  • Captured on Friday 16th of March 2018

Just when baby sharks are getting all the fame recently, these little hedgehogs wants some of the limelight too. Ther Read more...

Japan: Cat plays ‘Sasuke’ Ninja Warrior

  • Captured on Wednesday 7th of March 2018
  • Location is Gunma

Sasuke(Ninja Warrior) is a Japanese sports entertainment television special in which 100 competitors attempt to complete Read more...

US: Cute Texas Boy Decides to be an Audience During His School Performance

  • Captured on Thursday 13th of December 2018
  • Location is Texas

This boy's level of chill is just amazing! Sometimes we all just need to relax and watch the world go by in front o Read more...

Japan: Deer Headbutts Boy at Nara Park

  • Captured on Wednesday 9th of May 2018
  • Location is Nara

Prepare your OMGs! A video on social media in Japan shows a deer headbutting a boy in May this year. The owner of the Read more...

Ireland: Guess What The First Ever Word of This Baby Is

  • Captured on Monday 10th of December 2018

An adorable video of a baby surfaced on social media in Ireland on December 10. Baby Bradley celebrates his first bir Read more...

BEST 2018 – Turkey: Cat Walks a Catwalk at a Fashion Show in Istanbul

  • Captured on Thursday 25th of October 2018
  • Location is Istanbul

Ever wonder why a catwalk is called as such? The million-dollar question has already been answered by none other than A Read more...