Adorable Puppy Chilling Comfortably In Luxembourg

  • Captured on Wednesday 7th of October 2020

An adorable English Cocker Spaniel from beautiful Luxembourg was found chilling comfortably with his mum. Read more...

US: Dog Deliberately Drops His Toy In The Lawn Mower’s Path To Get Attention

  • Captured on Sunday 27th of September 2020
  • Location is Texas

Apollo, an adorable Labrador from Texas, tries to seek attention from his owner by dropping his toy in the path of the l Read more...

US: Pug Confused By “Pretend To Pet Your Dog” Challenge

  • Captured on Sunday 4th of October 2020
  • Location is California

The TikTok challenge that asks one to pretend to pet their pet but then stop and see what happens has led to many confus Read more...

US: Adorable Corgi Attempts To Attack Ferociously

  • Captured on Tuesday 29th of September 2020
  • Location is Oregon

An adorable corgi from Portland, Oregon, attempted to fight off his owner with some not-so-ferocious moves. He seems to Read more...

Japan: Adorable Dog Enjoying A Nice Spa Session

  • Captured on Monday 14th of September 2020
  • Location is Tokyo

Tarao, a 7-year-old Chihuahua from Tokyo, Japan, enjoys being pampered by its owner. Who would not like a nice spa and b Read more...

US: Enthusiastic Dog Cheers 49ers On At The Start Of NFL Season

  • Captured on Sunday 13th of September 2020
  • Location is California

An adorable and unexpected fan of 49ers was filmed cheering for its favourite team and the start of the 2020 NFL Season. Read more...

US: Duck Shows Who Is The King Of The Yard

  • Captured on Tuesday 4th of August 2020
  • Location is Washington

Bill, a resident duck at an urban farm in Olympia, Washington, does not hesitate to show that he is alpha and keeps his Read more...

Fetching A Gym Ball Might Be Too Much For This Rescue Dog To Handle

  • Captured on Saturday 25th of July 2020
  • Location is Colorado

Charlie, a rescue dog from Colorado, enjoys fetching balls but seems to be having trouble with a large gym ball. He acci Read more...

US: Just Another Casual Day Scooting Around Santa Monica

  • Captured on Sunday 16th of August 2020
  • Location is California

Benji the Bernedoodle enjoys taking a ride in a backpack with his dad. Watch how they scoot around casually in Santa Mon Read more...

US: Dog Shows Off Amazing Diving Technique

  • Captured on Sunday 16th of August 2020
  • Location is California

Diving has never been easier. This adorable dog from California shows us how the intricate calculations were planned bef Read more...

Philippines: Dinner Time For Rescued Cats

  • Captured on Monday 17th of August 2020
  • Location is Antipolo City

A group founded in 2012 in the Philippines has been rescuing cats from being abused and killed. This video shows adorabl Read more...

UK: Adorable Frenchie Pup Wants Some Bath Time

  • Captured on Friday 10th of April 2020
  • Location is Cumbria

An adorable French Bulldog puppy from the UK only wants some bath time when his mom is in it. Read more...

US: Sirens Blare In Downtown Minneapolis Amid Tornado Warnings

  • Captured on Friday 14th of August 2020
  • Location is Minnesota

Severe thunderstorms swept through the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area Friday evening (August 14) bringing heav Read more...

Sun’s Out Fun’s Out, Puppy Enjoys The Best Day Of Her Life

  • Captured on Friday 7th of August 2020
  • Location is California

An adorable labrador from California enjoys the time of her life by playing in the Sun, pool, and her favourite ball. Wh Read more...

Japan: Adorable Shih Tzu With Long Luscious Bob Hairstyle

  • Captured on Tuesday 4th of August 2020
  • Location is Tokyo

Bontenmaru, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu from Tokyo, Japan, has the most amazing Bob hairstyle any girl would die for. Any tips Read more...

Dog Plays An Endless Game Of Fetch

  • Captured on Monday 3rd of August 2020
  • Location is Melbourne

Here is an innovative way to 'walk' your dog and get your pet to clock some exercise during the COVID-19 pande Read more...

Japan: Epic Dance Battle Between 2 Adorable Shiba Inu

  • Captured on Thursday 30th of July 2020
  • Location is Hokkaido

Watch how these 2 adorable Shiba Inu from Hokkaido mirror each other intensely in an epic dance battle. Azuki the bl Read more...

Brazil: Beautiful Golden Retriever All Dolled Up For A Date

  • Captured on Saturday 11th of July 2020
  • Location is ParanĂ¡

This adorable Golden Retriever from Brazil is prettily dolled up and all ready for a date. Would you be her Valentine? Read more...

US: Meet The French Bulldog Piano Pawdigy

  • Captured on Sunday 19th of July 2020
  • Location is Texas

Watch how this adorable French Bulldog practices the piano while taking a nap. What a brilliant 'pawdigy'! Read more...

Dashing Golden Retriever In Bow Tie Performs A Perfect Choreography

  • Captured on Sunday 28th of June 2020
  • Location is Sydney

Looking for a prom date? This dashing and brilliant Golden Retriever from Sydney will be the perfect choice. Read more...

Japan: Fluffy Pekingese Enjoying The Cool Spring Breeze In Hokkaido

  • Captured on Sunday 3rd of May 2020
  • Location is Hokkaido

Watch these adorable and super fluffy Pekingese, a breed of toy dog originating from China, enjoy the cool spring breeze Read more...

US: Dog Catches Fish With Amazing Reflex And Focus

  • Captured on Friday 19th of July 2019
  • Location is West Virginia

Watch how this brilliant dog named Boone, team up with his dad to catch a fish. Boone waits patiently with extreme focus Read more...

US: Adorable Dog Attends Virtual Interview In 2020

  • Captured on Friday 26th of June 2020
  • Location is Florida

2020 has been a very challenging year, even for this adorable Golden Retriever. It seems like Captain The Golden is Read more...

There Can Only Be One Of Me

  • Captured on Wednesday 17th of June 2020
  • Location is California

An adorable mini Bernedoodle from California does not seem impressed at its own portrait. Do not bring that imperfec Read more...

US: Dog Soaks In Fountain To Cool Down

  • Captured on Sunday 21st of June 2020
  • Location is Texas

An adorable dog from Austin, Texas, has a piece of friendly advice to battle the heatwave in summer. Find a fountain Read more...

Why Am I Locked In Here? I’ve Been A Good Boy

  • Captured on Friday 2nd of November 2018
  • Location is California

Here is how it would be like if dogs could speak and communicate with us. Watch how this adorable corgi pleads to be set Read more...

Brilliant Pug Removes Lid And Helps Itself To Treats

  • Captured on Monday 15th of June 2020
  • Location is Wroclaw

Watch how this brilliantly adorable pug from Wroclaw, Poland, remove the lid from the container filled with treats. Read more...

Japan: French Bulldog Dances Adorably While Fetching Toy To Owner

  • Captured on Sunday 24th of May 2020
  • Location is Tokyo

Watch how this adorable and bubbly French Bulldog, named Chikomaru, fetch his favourite toy to his owner. Such cute danc Read more...

US: Cat Keeps Corgi Away From Ball

  • Captured on Tuesday 11th of February 2020

Willow, a Blue Merle Corgi, just wants his ball back from his cat brother. Can someone just give this good boy a ball? Read more...

Canada: Adorable Dog Does Not Like Spinach

  • Captured on Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Zuko, a Kolinka Samoyed, attempted to eat spinach, but he does not seem to like the taste of it. At least he tried! Read more...

Japan: Adorable Shiba Inu Enjoys Chilling Under The Sofa

  • Captured on Monday 30th of March 2020
  • Location is Aichi

It seems like this adorable Shiba Inu named Miso enjoys chilling under the living room sofa. Is he getting annoyed by hi Read more...

US: Just Paw-Trolling For Any Hidden Treats

  • Captured on Friday 8th of May 2020
  • Location is New Jersey

Hudson, an adorable Golden Retriever, seems to be patrolling the house with a flashlight. Is he searching for intruders Read more...

Adorable Dog Paw Used As Phone

  • Captured on Thursday 9th of April 2020

Beware! You might be getting phone calls from this adorable dog as his paw is frequently used to dial numbers. Read more...

Warning: Cuteness Overload, Sleepy Puppies Six In A Row

  • Captured on Monday 9th of March 2020
  • Location is Osaka

Press on and stay strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let these adorable little puppies brighten your day! Read more...

US: Coyotes Spotted In San Francisco During Coronavirus Lockdown 3

  • Captured on Friday 17th of April 2020
  • Location is San Francisco

A coyote was spotted resting in a bush near the Coit Tower in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, CA on Ap Read more...

US: Fluffy Dog Enjoys Car Ride In A Stylish Manner

  • Captured on Saturday 8th of February 2020
  • Location is Florida

Brodie the Goldendoodle enjoys sticking his head out of the window while riding the car. Watch how he comfortably lean o Read more...

Australia: COVID-19 – Even Dogs Know Social Distancing

  • Captured on Friday 3rd of April 2020
  • Location is Queensland

Even dogs know how to practice social distancing in Australia. Dogs and owners and other dogs are abiding by social d Read more...

US: Life Of Georgetown Paw-Friendly Mayor During COVID-19 Isolation

  • Captured on Saturday 28th of March 2020
  • Location is Colorado

Parker the Snow Dog is no ordinary dog as he is the incumbent honorary mayor of Georgetown, Colorado. The COVID-19 pande Read more...

Canada: French Bulldog Attempts To Battle A Hailstorm

  • Captured on Tuesday 31st of March 2020
  • Location is British Columbia

When you have to stay at home and a hailstorm to battle. Watch how Koop, the French Bulldog attempts to catch all the ha Read more...

Working From Home Is Not Advisable When You Have A Needy Pet

  • Captured on Tuesday 10th of March 2020
  • Location is New York City

This is one of the main reason why working from home has been unproductive for needy pet owners. Look at how this cute d Read more...

When You Are Dead Bored At Home During The Quarantine

  • Captured on Saturday 21st of March 2020

It seems like the lockdown is taking a toll on this adorable Golden Retriever puppy. Watch how he effortlessly tries to Read more...

Fluffy Dog Enjoys Riding With Head Out Of The Car

  • Captured on Sunday 29th of March 2020
  • Location is Florida

Whiskey the Goldendoodle enjoys riding with its head out of the car window. Watch how the wind rustles through its hair. Read more...