Norway: Animal Fail – Dog Tries To Hide Treat In Vain

  • Captured on Saturday 10th of October 2020
  • Location is Slemmestad

Thilde, a Lhasa Apso from Norway, does not realize that her cushion may not be the best place to hide her favorite treat Read more...

Netherlands: Adorable Parakeet Promotes Self-Love

  • Captured on Friday 9th of October 2020
  • Location is Almelo

Everyone has a unique way of practising self-love. Some may start each day by telling themselves something positive. Som Read more...

New Zealand: Fluffy Sheep Enjoys Feasting On An Orange

  • Captured on Tuesday 29th of September 2020
  • Location is Waikato

Steve, an adorably fluffy sheep from New Zealand, leads a healthy lifestyle and enjoys munching on an orange. Read more...

US: Pug Confused By “Pretend To Pet Your Dog” Challenge

  • Captured on Sunday 4th of October 2020
  • Location is California

The TikTok challenge that asks one to pretend to pet their pet but then stop and see what happens has led to many confus Read more...

US: Trump Impersonator Leaps From A Plane And Free Fall Through The Skies

  • Captured on Monday 29th of June 2020
  • Location is Georgia

Donald Trump impersonator was filmed leaping from a plane and free falling through the skies in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more...

US: Mischievous Cat Gets In The Way Of Vacuum Robot

  • Captured on Tuesday 11th of August 2020
  • Location is Texas

A mischievous cat from Texas always try to get in the way of the vacuum robot while it makes its way around the house. P Read more...

UK: Intelligent Sheep Learns To Ask For Treats Politely

  • Captured on Sunday 4th of October 2020
  • Location is Scotland

Shaun, a brilliant pet sheep in the Highlands of North East Scotland, learns to request for treats politely while it rec Read more...

Canada: Adorable Hamster Munches On Her Favorite Snack

  • Captured on Thursday 1st of October 2020
  • Location is British Columbia

Watch how Rosie the foodie hamster from British Columbia, Canada, munches adorably on her favorite snack while nesting w Read more...

US: Ingenious Candy Chute For Socially-Distanced Trick Or Treat Come Halloween

  • Captured on Sunday 27th of September 2020
  • Location is Washington, D.C.

The pandemic is forcing everyone to deal with holidays in new ways. Take this neighborhood in Woodley Park, Washingto Read more...

China: Cat Tries FaceTime For The First Time

  • Captured on Sunday 20th of September 2020
  • Location is Shanghai

When your grandparents FaceTime you for the first time, it often goes a bit like this. Read more...

UK: Bunny Does Not Believe In Personal Space

  • Captured on Sunday 17th of May 2020
  • Location is London

While everyone is talking about social distancing in 2020, getting your pet to understand the concept of personal space Read more...

US: Duck Shows Who Is The King Of The Yard

  • Captured on Tuesday 4th of August 2020
  • Location is Washington

Bill, a resident duck at an urban farm in Olympia, Washington, does not hesitate to show that he is alpha and keeps his Read more...

UK: Flock Of Geese Stops Traffic While Crossing Road In Blackheath, London

  • Captured on Sunday 6th of September 2020
  • Location is London

A flock of gees stopped the traffic in Blackheath, South East London while crossing a road as if they own it. The fun Read more...

Moldova: Sphynx Cat Hacks Car Like A Pro

  • Captured on Friday 19th of June 2020
  • Location is Tiraspol

Join special agent Molly on a pawsome adventure! Here Mollly skillfully breaks into a car and hacks it like a pro. If Ja Read more...

Guide To ‘Barbecuing’ The Most Delicious Cockatoo

  • Captured on Sunday 30th of August 2020
  • Location is Arizona

A zookeeper from Arizona shows us the right technique to cook a cockatoo right. It seems like the adorable bird cannot b Read more...

US: Prairie Dog Dozes Off Making Cute Squeaks

  • Captured on Monday 3rd of August 2020
  • Location is Florida

Volume up! Chuck, a prairie dog from the US, dozes off and makes the most adorable squeaks in his sleep. Motivation leve Read more...

UK: Hamster Relaxes In Owner’s Palm

  • Captured on Monday 27th of July 2020
  • Location is Manchester

Have you ever felt so tired you just want to sleep like there was no tomorrow? This hamster in his Monday mood can defin Read more...

UK: Hamster’s 2020 Life Spins Out Of Control

  • Captured on Sunday 23rd of August 2020

Another 2020 meme to show how this year is spinning out of control! We can all relate to the poor baby hamster in the mi Read more...

Switzerland: Lady Braves Through A Severe Thunderstorm In Geneva

  • Captured on Thursday 13th of August 2020
  • Location is Geneva

Face the world and brave the storm, they say. A lady was found running on the streets during a severe thunderstorm that Read more...

Dog Plays An Endless Game Of Fetch

  • Captured on Monday 3rd of August 2020
  • Location is Melbourne

Here is an innovative way to 'walk' your dog and get your pet to clock some exercise during the COVID-19 pande Read more...

UK: Hair And Beard Grooming By Adorable Bunnies

  • Captured on Saturday 25th of July 2020
  • Location is Surrey

Watch how these adorable bunnies provide a special hair and beard grooming session in Surrey, England. They sure do take Read more...

UK: Drivers Queue Up For Ice Cream Truck Whilst In Standstill Traffic

  • Captured on Saturday 11th of July 2020
  • Location is England

Drives stuck in traffic queued up for an ice cream truck in the middle of the M25 motorway in England, Saturday, July 11 Read more...

Japan: Chihuahua Gets Food Stuck Between Teeth

  • Captured on Tuesday 28th of April 2020
  • Location is Hiroshima

With the best intentions, a chihuahua owner from Japan softens some food in hot water for her pet. No one has expected t Read more...

Australia: Life-Size Cut-Out Experiment With Cats

  • Captured on Friday 26th of June 2020
  • Location is Melbourne

How will you react if one day you wake up only to realize your friend has become flat like a piece of cardboard? A cat o Read more...

Brilliant Pug Removes Lid And Helps Itself To Treats

  • Captured on Monday 15th of June 2020
  • Location is Wroclaw

Watch how this brilliantly adorable pug from Wroclaw, Poland, remove the lid from the container filled with treats. Read more...

Japan: Hamster Finds Its Perfect Home

  • Captured on Monday 8th of June 2020
  • Location is Tokyo

Find a perfect home is the dream of many. A hamster owner in Tokyo therefore knitted a perfectly fitting home with breat Read more...

Germany: Cat Avoids Kisses From Owner

  • Captured on Tuesday 19th of May 2020
  • Location is Hamburg

Cats are known to be unpredictable and independent. After months of social distancing recommendations, this kitten seems Read more...

US: Picky American Bulldog Takes Only The Best

  • Captured on Saturday 30th of May 2020
  • Location is Chicago

Getting a picky pet to eat is often a headache for owners. Larry, an American bulldog and a finicky foodie from Chicago, Read more...

UK: Golden Retrievers Treat Owner To Spa Day

  • Captured on Sunday 7th of June 2020
  • Location is Wiltshire

Spending quality time with your pets on a regular basis is fulfilling and it is a plus when they know how to treat you l Read more...

Japan: Corgi Loves Garden Hose

  • Captured on Tuesday 2nd of June 2020
  • Location is Fukuoka

As summer approaches, garden hose season is in full swing for this adorable corgi. Let's get the water splashing! Read more...

US: “Rent Strike” Car Parade In Oakland, CA 2

  • Captured on Friday 22nd of May 2020
  • Location is California

On May 22, thousands of people across the U.S. took part in a rent strike, demanding state leaders to cancel rent during Read more...

US: Sea Lions Take Over Pier In San Francisco

  • Captured on Wednesday 20th of May 2020
  • Location is California

A flock of sea lions was caught taking over a pier in San Francisco, California. The video was taken at Pier 39 on We Read more...

US: Student Throws Graduation Ceremony In Animal Crossing

  • Captured on Saturday 16th of May 2020
  • Location is Ohio

While many schools are closed with graduation ceremonies on hold amid the COVID-19 outbreak, students are taking matters Read more...

US: COVID-19 Socially Distant Hair Washing At Salon

  • Captured on Monday 30th of March 2020
  • Location is Florida

Want to get your hair nicely washed and cut while staying safe? This hair salon in Florida has proved that the 6ft dista Read more...

UK: Comedians Recreate Hair Salon Experience At Home

  • Captured on Monday 11th of May 2020
  • Location is London

As the UK looks to flatten the curve on COVID-19, hair salons and barbers are expected to remain shut until at least Jul Read more...

Zimbabwe: Cockatoo And Caretaker Perform Farewell Dance

  • Captured on Monday 6th of April 2020
  • Location is Bulawayo

The social bonding between animals and humans is often beautiful, mutually beneficial and worth celebrating. In this vid Read more...

Zimbabwe: Baby Baboon Gets Milk Drunk

  • Captured on Monday 20th of April 2020
  • Location is Bulawayo

Human babies are not the only ones who can get milk drunk! Check out the fluttering eyelids and contented face of this b Read more...

UK: Create Your Own Home-Based Pub In 10 Simple Steps

  • Captured on Monday 27th of April 2020
  • Location is London

Unable to visit the pubs during the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn how to create your own pub experience at home with 10 simpl Read more...

US: Just Paw-Trolling For Any Hidden Treats

  • Captured on Friday 8th of May 2020
  • Location is New Jersey

Hudson, an adorable Golden Retriever, seems to be patrolling the house with a flashlight. Is he searching for intruders Read more...

UK: Comical Dinosaur Wedding Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

  • Captured on Sunday 19th of April 2020

A couple in the United Kingdom was due to get married on April 13th. But it did not happen due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Read more...

Australia: Stuffed Bears Dressed As Frontline Workers In Show Of Appreciation

  • Captured on Tuesday 5th of May 2020
  • Location is Victoria

At St Agnes Catholic Church in a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, stuffed animals in frontline workers' uniforms are Read more...

UK: COVID-19 Video Class Parody

  • Captured on Friday 24th of April 2020
  • Location is England

As schools are shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers struggle with conducting classes online. Here are s Read more...