Japan: Hamster Plays Houdini with “Foldable” Face

  • Captured on Thursday 11th of April 2019
  • Location is Japan

If you could have any superpower, would it be a “foldable face”? The many faces of hamsters never cease to amaze Read more...

Taiwan: Hamster Stuffs Entire Wafer in Cheeks

  • Captured on Sunday 30th of June 2019
  • Location is Taiwan

It is no mystery that hamster can stuff their cheeks with food, but did you know their cheek pouches can extend up to th Read more...

Japan: Hamster Holds Cucumber Until Death Do Them Part

  • Captured on Sunday 30th of June 2019
  • Location is Japan

The course of true love never did run smooth. However, a hamster from Japan decides to take Cucumber to be its life- Read more...

US: Rain, Hail and Flooding in Los Angeles Area

  • Captured on Sunday 10th of March 2019
  • Location is Los Angeles

More rain is expected to hit Southern California as a new storm system make its way into the region. Sunday is expect Read more...

Japan: Hamster Challenges on Climbing But Fails

  • Captured on Thursday 7th of February 2019

So Remon, a 1 year and 4 month female hamster, is taking on a challenge to climb up a great wall in front of her. It’s Read more...