Netherlands: Lazy Alpaca Eats Lying Down

  • Captured on Sunday 3rd of May 2020
  • Location is Gelderland

Many find the idea of living in a small town on a farm appealing. Imagine the tranquility, lovely green grass, adorable Read more...

Japan: Enthralling Video Of Deers And Cherry Blossoms During ‘Sakura’ Season At Nara Park

  • Captured on Wednesday 8th of April 2020
  • Location is Nara

The famous Nara Park deers in Nara, Japan were captured in an enthralling video during the cherry blossom season there l Read more...

UK: Comical Dinosaur Wedding Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

  • Captured on Sunday 19th of April 2020

A couple in the United Kingdom was due to get married on April 13th. But it did not happen due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Read more...

UK: Dice Have Spoken To Decide What To Do On COVID-19 Quarantine

  • Captured on Monday 27th of April 2020
  • Location is England

Willy Wonka once said, “So much time and so little to do.” This quote perfectly captures some of us who have been st Read more...

US: Coyotes Spotted In San Francisco During Coronavirus Lockdown 3

  • Captured on Friday 17th of April 2020
  • Location is San Francisco

A coyote was spotted resting in a bush near the Coit Tower in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, CA on Ap Read more...

Australia: Dog Disrupts Owner’s Workout Routine During COVID-19 Stay-Home

  • Captured on Thursday 26th of March 2020
  • Location is Sydney

While it is best to stay home and keep up with your workout routine during the coronavirus pandemic, your pet may think Read more...

US: Keanu Reeves Spotted In Alameda Ice Cream Shop

  • Captured on Monday 6th of January 2020
  • Location is California

A Hollywood movie star, Keanu Reeves was spotted on social media when he walked in Baskin and Robbins in Alameda, CA and Read more...

Taiwan: Cat Filmmaking 101 Time Freeze Effect

  • Captured on Thursday 1st of November 2018
  • Location is Taiwan

A good time freeze, or mannequin challenge, video always takes over the internet in a storm of hype. While many try to l Read more...

Canada: Summer Storm With Flood in Calgary, Alberta

  • Captured on Thursday 27th of June 2019
  • Location is Alberta

Summer has gotten off to a slow start, with most of Canada recording cooler than normal temperatures so far during the m Read more...

HK: Exotic Shorthair Cat Finds the Snack of Her Life

  • Captured on Thursday 14th of March 2019
  • Location is Hong Kong

Cats can be difficult and moody sometimes, but definitely not when they have found the snack of their life. Faye Faye, a Read more...

Taiwan: Cat Gives up on Life during Playtime

  • Captured on Thursday 18th of April 2019
  • Location is Taiwan

Many cat owners advocate that playing with their cats is fun - if the cat plays along, that is. Unfortunately, not all c Read more...

Portugal: Drone Video Captures Spectacular Paradise for Surfers

  • Captured on Wednesday 12th of June 2019
  • Location is The Algarve

The Algarve, the beautiful southernmost coastline of Portugal, is blessed with Soaring cliffs, sea caves, pristine beach Read more...

Taiwan: Sugar Glider’d Rather Stay in on Saturday Night

  • Captured on Sunday 26th of May 2019
  • Location is Taiwan

Staying in is the new going out. A sugar glider from Taiwan is living the dream of many who dare not stay in on a Saturd Read more...

Russia: Cat Dozes off in Bed like Human

  • Captured on Wednesday 29th of May 2019

Tired from work? This adorable cat from Russia can feel you. It is seen dozing off in bed while sitting like a human. Ev Read more...

Japan: Cat Tests New Massage Device

  • Captured on Saturday 25th of May 2019

Anzu, a cute cat from Japan, seems to be really enjoying while testing the new massage device. The violent shaking o Read more...

Japan: Dazzling Kingfisher Enjoys the Last of Cherry Blossoms

  • Captured on Saturday 6th of April 2019
  • Location is Tokyo

When life gets too hectic, just take a moment to sit back, relax, and savor the moment. Watch how this dazzling Kingf Read more...

JP: Mesmerizing Sight of Ducks Swimming in Cherry Blossom Petal-Littered Pond

  • Captured on Sunday 7th of April 2019

After cherry blossom trees fully bloomed last week, the flowers have now started to fall and the ground and bodies of wa Read more...

Denmark: Sleepy Baby on Top of Fluffy Dog

  • Captured on Tuesday 17th of April 2018

Just when you thought a good, warm blanket or carpet is best to sleep on, you haven't seen anything yet. A cute Read more...

US: Cute Texas Boy Decides to be an Audience During His School Performance

  • Captured on Thursday 13th of December 2018
  • Location is Texas

This boy's level of chill is just amazing! Sometimes we all just need to relax and watch the world go by in front o Read more...

France: Gilets Jaunes Tension Rises Again due to Crash in Le Havre

  • Captured on Tuesday 20th of November 2018
  • Location is Seine-Maritime

Yellow vests are barricading multiple locations since Saturday, November 17. At Brèque, Harfleur (Seine-Maritime) seeme Read more...