Wild deers

Japan: Wild Sacred Deers Passing Crossroad in Nara

  • Captured on Wednesday 12th of June 2019
  • Location is Nara

Nara's deer are the symbols of the city and are famous across Japan. Wild deers freely roaming around in Nara park Read more...

Japan: My Parent Watch Me Being Attacked by Deers in Nara Park, Nara

  • Captured on Tuesday 27th of November 2018
  • Location is Nara Prefecture

There are over 1,200 wild sika deer freely roaming around in the Nara Park. According to local folklore, Sika deer f Read more...

Japan: Wild Yezo Deers Appear on Residential Area in Hokkaido

  • Captured on Tuesday 6th of November 2018
  • Location is Hokkaido

The Yezo deer is a subspecies of the sika deer. The sika that inhabit the island of Hokkaido are indigenous, although it Read more...