Military & war

Iraq: Multiple Rocket Attack Near US Baghdad Embassy Complex

  • Captured on Monday 20th of January 2020
  • Location is Baghdad

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq sounded the emergency sirens after a couple of rockets landed near the Green Zone. Read more...

Syria: Maaret Al-Numan Becomes Ghost Town After Idlib Attacks

  • Captured on Monday 23rd of December 2019
  • Location is Idlib

Northwest Syria, Idlib is under attack from Russian and Syrian jets. The strikes targeted Maaret al-Numan and Saraqeb Read more...

DR Congo: Protesters Storm UN Camp In Beni

  • Captured on Monday 25th of November 2019
  • Location is Beni

Protesters stormed a United Nations peacekeepers’ camp and set fire to the town hall in Beni on Monday, November 25. Read more...

Sudan: Rally For Student Protesters’ Death in Omdurman

  • Captured on Tuesday 30th of July 2019
  • Location is Omdurman

Sudan's main protest group on Monday called for nationwide rallies to condemn the killing of five protesters at a r Read more...

Afghanistan: 6 Killed, 51 Children Injured in Taliban Attack on Kabul

  • Captured on Monday 1st of July 2019
  • Location is Kabul

At least six people were killed and 116 more were wounded during a Taliban attack in the Afghan capital of Kabul. The Read more...